Friday, 15 May 2009

Dire consequences to come at the elections.

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Ming Campbell pointed out on "Question Time" last night, the the reason he came into politics was to pursue the policies he believed in and knowing the wages involved did not put him off his quest. As I said in a recent post, most politicians entered politics for the same reason and most of them still pursue their goals without abusing the rules. RULES concerning expenses were read out on "Question Time" too and it is obvious that these rules have been deliberately abused by the few extortion cases that have been brought to light by The Daily Telegraph. We heard them squirm and lie, and now, some of the extorted cash is being paid back they think the dust will settle, but have they, or anyone else stopped to think how easy it is for them to pay the stolen money back. For people that are now complaining that they are not paid enough to cover the cost of being an MP they seem to live a very affluent lifestyle with big houses, etc. with one at least, being able to hand back in one transaction, and without batting an eye, more money than the ordinary man earns in a year. They DID chose the job and they DID know the pay structure so the politicians that have abused the rules should be sacked at the very least.
We do not need Norman Tebbit to tell us we should be voting for parties other than the main stream,I suggested it weeks ago and I am sure the public have figured it out for themselves without any persuading from anybody.
It is just a pity that a few greedy members of Parliament have brought the whole system into disrepute, with dire consequences to come at the nearing elections.

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