Monday, 4 May 2009

The sad thing about British politics.

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Harriet Harman want no association with taking over from Gordon Brown before the next election and who can blame her as it will be the sucker that gets the job who will be held accountable for his mistakes after the election is lost. It is too late to save Labour now, no matter what steps are taken, as the constant blunders by their party has been too much for the British public to bear.
The sad thing about British politics is that it is either Tory or Labour who gets the chance to run the country (or should that be ruin?) whether their policies are good or not and sadder still it is the fact that when Labour got in for this lengthy spell it was due to Tories mistakes and not to Labour coming up with a winning formula. It was the same when the Tories were elected for their lengthy spell beginning with the Margaret Thatcher years, and although SHE did put the country back on its feet after Labour mess it up SHE too became over confident and thought she and her government could pull any stunt on the British public and get away with it. Labour have fallen into the same trap so I think it is about time both these parties were put in their place and the Lib Dems or some other capable party be given their chance. I have never been a one party man and voted for the party I thought had the best chance of running the country and this time will be no different but I can assure you that it will not be the arrogant Tory or Labour parties whose traps I and the British public have always fallen into.
Is it any wonder Scotland, Wales and Ireland want their own parliaments when all a united Britain has to offer is this bunch of scoundrels?

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