Thursday, 30 April 2009

Gurkhas are brave and accomplished fighters.

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The defeat for Gordon brown on the case of the Gurkhas was long overdue and it was high time that these men were given the recognition they deserve. Considering the fact that they were and still are prepared to give their lives for this country should have been enough to give them entry into this country without the hullabaloo that has gone on for years. I have great admiration for Joanna Lumley who has fought for years to get the recognition for these brave and accomplished fighters who make better friends than ever they would enemies. Gordon Brown and anyone else who thinks otherwise should hang their heads in shame when they have blatently refused these men recognition while granting political asylum to others who bring disgrace and trouble to this country and would rather fight against it than fight for it. It is time to apologize to these men and time to kick people like the hook-handed cleric Abu Hamza and his kind out of this country even though he is in jail pretending to be on hunger strike. If I had my way he would starve and die the death he deserves saving the overburdened taxpayers of this country money that could go to better causes like giving help to the Gurkhas who have done something for this country instead of shouting it down all the time.
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