Tuesday, 3 March 2009

solve a problem........cash for the coffers.

Once again the majority are going to suffer, thanks to the mindless minority because the only answer our politicians can come up with when a problem arises is, hike more money on to it, making sure they benefit out of it rather than solve the matter.
Everything from global warming to the yob culture on our streets is taken care of by increasing prices on fuel (which bumps up the cost of everything else) to tobacco and drink. Who do they think they are kidding, and if they are so naive as to think our culture is going to change by hiking up prices then their position in government should be looked at. The drink problems of our youths who stand on street corners is nothing new but it is getting worse, it is thanks to E.U. rules that makes their parents afraid to punish them in any way for fear of reprisals. Ever since the E.U. stepped in with their ridiculous ruling on punishments we have become an almost lawless society with criminals and crimes running rings round the courts, as at every cut and turn they have a law to protect THEM instead of the law protecting the victims and the peace loving citizen of this country who, are in the majority.

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