Thursday, 5 March 2009

government policies

First the government wanted us to stop smoking, then they wanted us to stop using our cars, then they decided to stop us drinking and their usual solution of putting up the prices came into action, now with six pubs a day closing, and the car industry in dire straights they have realised just how much revenue they gain through these so called unnecessary vices of ours. The job losses in this country, and capital loss for the government would be tremendous if the nation decided to give up all these things at once.
Having now realised how tragic it would be they are now pouring money into the car trade so, it is only a matter of time until they go back on their word again, and allow cheap drink to save the British pub, although I don't think the smokers have a chance as we all know the revenue they bring in. Remembering the old saying on the capstan packet "let capstan take the strain" I fear the stress we are going through now, might have us all looking for something to relieve the strain in the not too distant future, swelling their coffers either way.
This bad spell of weather has shown how much has to be done before we can rely on public transport.

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