Monday, 23 March 2009

cook your meat properly

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With so many cooking programs on T.V. now (of which I enjoy) it has come to my attention on the way meat dishes are being served to the public now.
We were told years ago to make sure our meat was cooked through to prevent food poisoning but now the new trend all chefs seem to be copying is to serve it raw in the middle. They sear it on the outside in a pan to seal in the flavours then cook it in the oven for a short time before serving it with the blood running from it as they slice into it. I wonder if this trend has started with the limited time some T.V. programs allow to cook their ingredients (like ready steady cook in Britain i.e.) and during tasting decided that the rawer the meat the better the flavour.
Surly this is setting a bad example to the public and could lead to food poisoning cases springing up because of this. I for one will never follow their example because when I cook my meat through it is still tasty and tender without being raw in the middle.
Chefs do tend to copy each others new fads and ideas but once a few cases of food poisoning starts cropping up they will go back to their old ways and cook the safe way we were taught.
Just look at Heston Blumenthal's restaurant that had to close down because of customers feeling ill after eating in his place (The Fat Duck) and nothing was found in the food but did they ever think it might have been under cooked meat that was the cause.

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  1. even you ask for a well done meet in a restaurant they bring you the meat as outside cooked (like coal black) and inside still there is blood. :))
    So, medium cooked is better.
    Or I prefer fully cooked (not raw in the middle) but not like coal outside.