Thursday, 19 March 2009

"If it aint broke don't fix it"

B.A.A. Are being forced to make a choice of which airport to sell between Glasgow or Edinburgh because they are monopolizing the market. Most customers questioned feel no need for this as B.A.A. are running these airports without fleecing their customers and any new buyer coming on the scene could be inexperienced and let the efficiently run business go to the dogs causing concern for regular users. In other words "if it aint broke don't bother to fix it." Its a case of interference where it is not needed. On the other hand we have the power companies ripping us off at every cut and turn ignoring the competitive market that their existence was supposed to create.
The regulator and government should be looking at them instead of interfering in a firm that has only the public's interest in mind and unless they begin to take advantage of their position should be left alone to generate the much needed business and jobs they generate for the country during these difficult times.
These government officials, if doing the job they are highly paid for would see the benefits B.A.A. are providing and let them be, then attend to the more urgent task of regulating the power companies. In saying that, the government reaps the benefits thanks to V.A.T. of every penny we are over charged in our power bills which makes it less likely that they will do anything about it.
The sale of the airports is just to make it look as if they are earning their salt but "you can fool some of the people some of the time but you can't fool all of the people all of the time" and all their con tricks and errors will come home to roost at the next election.

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