Friday, 13 March 2009


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I have written in this blog before of the dangerous results the goody goody brigade achieve when instigating sympathy for terrorist and criminals and through them pardons and rewards have frequently been the outcome. It beats me why anyone would listen to this minority especially NOW when we see the results of these stupid decisions. Thanks to these headcases a number of the freed inmates of Guantanamo Bay are back fighting alongside the Taliban killing our soldiers with one in particular an expert in bomb making.
These men were put in that prison for good reason and deserved everything they got and all the shouting for their release by sympathisers will only lead to more of our troops being slaughtered thanks to them. I wonder how they felt when they heard the news that the main bomb maker for the Taliban was back doing the very things that rightly put him in Guantanamo Bay and how they will feel when the next slaughter of our troops is reported. SHAME AND REGRET should be the answer because it is thanks to them that many more of our soldiers will be killed and women and children raped and murdered at home and abroad before criminals,Al-Queda,the Taliban and the goody goody brigade are stopped. There are 250 men left in Guantanamo Bay; do they still want to release them to reinforce the Taliban and Al-Queda or have they now seen the error of their ways?
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