Saturday, 21 March 2009

Alter the ridiculous E.U. human rights law

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This being the 21st of march makes it human rights day so let us all think of the victimized people it was meant to help and how they must feel watching criminals of every kind abusing a system that they have no right to.
It is time to alter the ridiculous E.U. law of human rights that so far has not only benefited vermin but has allowed them to make a complete fool of our judicial system.
The government is rushing through a law to prevent slopping out claims going too far back but now they have the opportunity to amend it, they should amend it altogether and bar all criminals from abusing a system that was meant to be used by their victims not them. Or perhaps the government and judicial system in this country want to look the fools they have been deservedly taken for allowing the lawless, legal rewards for crime.

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