Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Wind farms

Wakamatsu wind farm, Kitakyushu, JapanImage via Wikipedia

These days when one of the main concerns is climate change we are looking at new energy sources and the predominant ones seem to be wind farms and solar power.
I agree that these two sources should be utilised but not at the expense of the natural beauty our countryside has. The ugly windmills that deface our hillsides have taken away not only the beauty of some panoramic scenes but interfere with nature itself. The shear size of these monstosities also interfere with our roads because even if they start their journey to coincide with minimum traffic,by the time they are approaching their destination the commuters are already out and about and are drastically delayed by the police escorts who have to safeguard the low loaders that transport them by keeping the normal traffic at bay until they pass. This causes far too much disruption especially on the narrow country roads they have to negotiate when nearing their destination. Not only do they take up valuble police time but congest and damage the roads they have to travel and regardless of what the pro wind farm people say this is not the way forward. In a world where everything in the technical side of things are getting smaller surely research and progress could find a way to minimise the size of these things while making them more efficient, this way we might find then more acceptable.
As for solar power,here we have the perfect source of energy but we have not yet mastered how to utilise it to its full effect. In years to come the future generations will look at the rusting windmills and compare them to the efficient replacements they will have and wonder why a nation that had so many brilliant inventors could come up with these monstrosities.
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