Thursday, 12 March 2009

judicial idiocy.

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Once again I have to return to the subject of human rights for convicts thanks to incapable, lazy judges allowing payouts for the sanitary conditions within our alleged prisons. Would insurance companies pay out if you walked into a lions den and were mauled to death? NO! Is the answer to that so why can the useless judicial system not come up with a reasonable ruling to deny these chancers the ridiculous sums of money being paid out to them. These prisoners knew what was in store for them when they committed their crimes so why can the judge not throw their case out on that basis after all they were also expecting punishment so are we going to compensate them for that too? 11.2 million has already been paid out with 64.7 million on standby for further claims proving the government and courts would rather give in than find an easy way round this stupid that only the criminals seem to get any benefit from. The law abiding British public's human rights are being denied by not getting any justice in this country so perhaps its about time we jumped on the bandwagon and claimed some of this money for OUR victimization.
The whole judicial system needs gutting out and rid us of useless judges who seldom give the victims any satisfaction when passing sentences by being far too lenient on all criminals.
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