Sunday, 8 March 2009

referendum for Scotland.

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The only reason I can think of for denying the Scottish public a referendum on independence is the fact that the parties preventing it are running scared.
Excuses like "its the wrong time because of the credit crunch" does not wash as that has and never will have any bearing on the outcome. I will give it serious thought if and when we get the chance to vote on it but it should be up to the Scottish people to decide and not feckless politicians from parties who have no claim on Scotland and do not even have a foothold where constituency's in Scotland are concerned.
Are they afraid they will lose the revenue from our oil? OIL that has kept this so called Great Britain afloat during other times of crisis including this one.
If England thinks that they carry Scotland then this is their chance to be free of us so enough of the nonsense and get the referendum up and running, then we might see if England can stand on it's own two feet.
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