Wednesday, 11 March 2009

lottery money and wastage

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So Scotland has to suffer at the hands of the English again; this time taking away our heritage money to fund their Olympic games. The excuse of the lottery takings being reduced because of the credit crunch is a feeble attempt at hiding the real truth.
England have been too ambitious from the start and as France breathes a sigh of relief after losing the games the so called victors are left struggling to raise the finance to fund this burden. They wanted the games so let the funding come from their resources alone, as should Scotland pay for their coming Commonwealth Games which will most likely be the case anyway. The English politicians are so sure Scotland cannot stand on their own two feet but they have to depend on our money when they get into financial difficulties and prove they cannot or do not wish to stand alone so is this the reason we are being refused a vote on the referendum. With the cost settlements in contracts never being adhered to these days the final expenditure always escalates by ridiculous amounts by the time the building projects are finished so whatever happened to penalty clauses and fixed prices. The way contracts are dealt with nowadays leaves plenty room for outside contractors to skim extra money and no questions asked. Money is handed out all too readily now by companies and government. Jane Moore in her program on government money wastage proved just how much better off by billions this country (Britain) SHOULD be if it were not for them dishing out money hand over fist for worthless causes. The main worthless causes being the government who like too feather their own nest first then squander our money elsewhere.
The so called financial gains from the Olympics will be in and around London with none coming to Scotland so why should our heritage suffer?
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