Thursday, 26 March 2009

Sold down the river.

Scottish fishing boats moored in Fraserburgh.Image via Wikipedia

The E.U. is still trying to decimate the Scottish fishing industry by altering the rules and regulations so rapidly that the skippers and crews just can't keep up.
They spent £10,000 to £30,000 on new regulation mesh size and dimensions only to be told weeks later that they don't comply anymore and will have to go to the same expense to renew the nets bought only recently. Their days at sea have been cut so severely that it is imposable to meet the expenses incurred when at sea plus the expenses of lying tied to the quay that include insurance,berth fees,hire of wheelhouse equipment etc.not forgetting the loans that have to be paid back for the building of their crafts never mind changing expensive nets every few weeks.
Once again the British representatives in the European Parliament have stood back and watched as other countries, envious of our efficient but conservation wise fleet chip away at the regulations until soon there will be no Scottish fishing fleet.
Thousands of jobs will be lost on land as well as the sea by allowing a once proud and flourishing industry be decimated in this way and all to benefit countries that have already emptied their once rich fishing grounds by catching and landing fish of all sizes to the point of no return.
They now want to turn their attention to our waters and by destroying our fleet they will gain licenses and flaunt the laws to decimate the rest of the seas.
It is time our politicians woke up to this fact and carried out the job they are getting paid for by fighting against this vendetta that will benefit no one and really put paid to any chance of replenishing the seas.

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