Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Freeloading off sons expenses

Tony McNulty has poured £60,000 into his parents house over four years in the pretence of it being his second home. I wonder how he could justify spending that amount on a first home never mind a home his parents live in. Does his parents not contribute anything to the upkeep of their house and just freeload off the taxpayer? It is not the kind of situation I would put my parents in even if I was in the position to rip off the British public and I certainly would not like my son to leave me in that situation if he was a politician. Think of the shame when you had to go out and face a public that knew you were a freeloading off your sons expenses.
It is not just Tony McNulty or Jackie Smith that are guilty of ripping us off there are plenty more doing the same thing and although it is supposed to be legal it proves that when this system was thought out by politicians it was to line their pockets more than anything else. These people have proved that they come first and their electorates come second, also leaving us in no doubt why they do not want their expenses made public.

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