Thursday, 5 March 2009

I.T.V. Struggling

The recent news about I.T.V. having to make drastic cut backs came as quite a surprise owing to the fact that more air time is given to commercials than ever before.
If you watch good morning T.V. and are able to stay on the channel for any length of time you realise just how many adverts are shown in comparison to the actual news or topical subjects they deal with. The presenters on these news programs have an easy time compared to the B.B.C. as they have plenty long breaks between items giving them more time for preparation or anything else they need to do, whereas the B.B.C. presenters are on continuously from early morning till after nine. It would be interesting to compare the wage packets to find out pound for pound,or time on air who is really worth their salt and perhaps savings could be made in that department.
It used to be the commercials were the main source of income for I.T.V. but with all the phone-in competitions and reality programs with their (suspect) phone-in voting systems they must have increased their income by a tremendous margin, so why are they struggling financially? Could it be the public are not as gullible as they were when these phone-ins started and have realised how big a rip off they really are, or is it indeed just a sign of the times?

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