Monday, 30 March 2009

The home internationals.

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Bobby Charlton wants a return of the Scotland England matches so the fans can see a proper match. I among many agree with him and think it would go a long way in the improvement of both teams when they are trying to qualify for the European and world cups. There has been a noticeable failure in both teams to qualify for these competitions since the games between the auld enemy were banned so we should all rally round Sir Bobby Charlton and help him in his cause to bring this fixture back. It was because of a few stupid yobs that the home internationals were banned preventing the majority of fans the pleasure and fun that the fixtures originally generated so if they are ever allowed to restart these idiots should think again on the damage it has caused both teams and either behave or keep away as there is no place in football for trouble makers.
Other factors did come into it but the benefits outweight the negitives so let the associations get together and work something out.
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