Friday, 30 January 2009

more abuse of tax payers money

I am venting my anger today at the ludicrous decision of the British legal aid system who has awarded an (ex policeman)but always will be dangerous rapist the sum of one hundred thousand pounds to appeal against his pension being reduced by one third. This is another example of lowlife being taken by the hand and the tax payers money being used for a cause that should not be considered in the first place and for scum taking advantage of a system that they have no right to. This arrogant rapist committed these crimes while in the guise of a police officer when all the time he was abusing his position to violate the chastity of innocent timid women who are supposed to rely on the law to protect them. In this case the law has abused them in more ways than one, firstly by the scum that raped them then, by the legal aid system who awarded the money, and thirdly by the legal system that allows vermin like that to appeal against anything. The tax payers money that is wasted on these criminals who are convicted (without a doubt) is a disgrace to the British legal system as not only are the legal aid funds being abused, the courts are getting tied up with cases that do not warrant a hearing and, adding all the expense this entails proves our money is being frittered away on scum, outraging the people who contribute the money for people who really warrant it.
All too often, immediately a criminal is convicted an appeal is lodged by his lawyer pleading his innocence and with little new evidence another court and another load of tax payers money is used needlessly only to put the scum back where they belong BEHIND BARS WITH NO LUXURIES, (but sadly they do get luxuries). The scum who is trying to reinstate his full pension should be refused point blank, castrated to take the arrogance out of him and give the women he raped a sense of justice. Another point that should be looked at is the jobs of the idiots who awarded this sum, if they are dishing out our money as easily as this they should be sacked. There is NO way that these scum deserved our money and in any other occupation I know of, that particular person would not even have received a pension from the conributions HE made never mind a full pension.
It is time the victims in this country were considered and the abusers given the punishments they deserve.

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  1. The moral of the story? As Shakespeare suggested: First thing you do, is kill the lawyer. Ever heard of an honest lawyer?