Friday, 7 August 2009

The law is an ass.

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Was the European law on human rights brought out for criminals only, because all we hear about is criminals, and perverts abusing a law that was made to protect the innocent, not allow vermin to exploit it.I never hear of victims benefiting from it, but then again that would not sell newspapers, and the very fact that the media publicise when criminals benefit is because they know it will outrage the public, BECAUSE ITS WRONG! That sells newspapers!
I do not understand why criminals who have sentences passed on them can be allowed to take up busy courtrooms and use, never mind abuse this law.
Sentences have been overturned with no thought to the victims, while the lawbreakers walk away having made fools out of a so called justice system. This has cost the taxpayers a substantial amount of money so far, not to mention the stress it causes the victims and their families, and it will only escalate if this law is not changed. How long is it going to take, how much more humiliation has the justice system got to go through, and how much pain has the innocent got to suffer before this law is changed.
I have said it before, and I will keep on saying it until the idiots who made this stupid law alter it in a way that criminals cannot benefit from it.
The law is truly an ass in this country.
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  1. You have made my day (night) with this topic and I agree. OUTSTANDING POST...


  2. I don't think your country is alone in that respect. I agree with A.J.-- outstanding post. I'm not familiar with the law you're referring to, but I know in the US our laws all seemed to be geared to protect criminals. I don't know how or when our justice system stopped being just--- or maybe it never was.

  3. Here in Cyprus if you broke the law...becareful of the cliff tops!
    The UK is soft, the victim becomes a victim a second time around in the courtroom. Good post.

  4. Thank you girls for your support, I think it is a world wide thing now with no justice for the innocent. The cliffs are the answer.

  5. I am a human rights activist. Proudly so. I am not going to defend my stance, I have my reasons. Some people are animal rights activists, some are defending the rights of trees whatever, I am defending the rights of people. Especially the rights of children.

    Human rights for me, is to find the balance between the rights of the alleged offender and the rights of the victim. Sadly, our justice system (referring to my country) has not managed to get the balance right.

    One of the reason, I have identified, why it seems as if the justice system always sway into the favor of the offender is simply that our courts (referring to my country again) have to rely on inexperienced prosecutors, straight from school.

    Usually graduates with their fresh degrees would start their legal careers with a stint as prosecutors, prosecuting the alleged offenders. Then, when they got the necessary courtroom experience, they would move on to join private practices. Using that experience to defend the very same offenders that they used to prosecute.

    Anyway, thanks Donald for the visit to my blog and the comment. Much appreciated.