Thursday, 20 August 2009

Kenny McCaskil did not speak for the Scottish people.

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I have just listened to a speech by Kenny McCaskill that will infuriate the decent citizens of Scotland.
In his elongated speech, milking his fifteen minutes of fame he mentioned Megrahi being brought to justice in 2001. He also mentioned the 27 year LIFE sentence Megrahi was supposed to serve, 27 years for 270 lives, 1 year for every 10 lives, reduced to 8 years in total, just over 10 DAYS for each life, because the excuse for justice in this country has decided to release him on compassionate grounds.
And they call that JUSTICE!
Justice for who I must ask? Certainly not the victims or their families.

The reason Megrahi's trial was held in Scotland was to see justice done, Scotland's judicial system trusted to impose a LIFE sentence on Megrahi if found guilty.
Well he was found guilty, but what an embarrassing outcome for the Scottish people.
Kenny McCaskill is a disgrace to Scotland, and the Scottish people, and the office he stands for needs gutting out with responsible people put in charge, as this decision, made on this day is typical of the miscarriages of justice handed out in our courts everyday, this being by far the worst.
Although he considered himself to be speaking on behalf of the Scottish people when he mentioned that "we pride ourselves in our humanity in Scotland" when referring to Megrahi's release, HE WAS NOT! We do pride ourselves in humanity in Scotland, but our humanity lies with the victims, and their families, not with the mass murderer Megrahi.

I hope McCaskill enjoyed his fifteen minutes plus of fame, that his unnecessary speech in trying to justify his ludicrous decision took, because the Scottish people, disgusted at this move will prove that they want nothing to do with him or his sidekicks, by getting rid of them at the first opportunity. For compassionate reasons, you'll understand, COMPASSION FOR THE SCOTTISH NATION!

Megrahi should have died in jail, and been buried in a paupers grave inside the prison grounds, which is still more compassion than he showed his victims.
We have proved by this move that we should never have been put in a position of trust, because our wrongly titled "Minister of Justice" has failed to uphold the trust put on us by releasing this mass murderer into the waiting plane of his accomplice Gaddafi.

McCaskill DID NOT speak for the Scottish people, and should never be allowed to pretend to represent us again.

We expected no less from our shambolic government, but it is no less embarrassing when our worst fears were confirmed, and I personally want to convey my apologies to the American people, and all the victims of this horrific crime, who thought they would find justice in Scotland.

The emblem we are so proud of will be wilting, as we hang our heads in shame.

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  1. As you mentioned in an earlier post-- it seems the only justice is for the criminals. This was certainly not a decision I agree with. But then no one asked me. (Beautiful photo.)

  2. I think it is a sad state of affairs, there is no justice in the UK system for victims.

  3. I don't agree with the decision, but I do think that the FBI Director overstepped the mark. How dare he write to the government of another country and tell them how to uphold their own laws. It shows total lack of respect for the Scottish government.

    International discusions are done through diplomatic channels, government to government, not via 'police forces'and governments. It's like MI5 writing to Obama and telling him his country's laws and decisions are wrong.

    Total arrogance, regardless of the rights and wrongs of the case.

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    Okay, it looks a bit feminine, but in my HO you are macho enough to pull if off! Besides, I don’t do discrimination.