Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Things that make me happy.

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Sashindoubutsu has asked me to name six things that make me happy and tag six others to carry it on, so here goes.

1) receiving the great reviews from the people who take time to read and comment on my blogs.

2) Walking along any Ayrshire beach on a nice clear sunny day, admiring the views across to Arran.

3) Watching the flora bloom from buds to flower between spring and summer.

4) Driving my SAAB.

5) Waking up each morning to the changing views out of my window of the hills and forest beyond through the four seasons.

6) The most important one of all. Being reunited with my first and only love after a period of 38 years apart, where life put 6,500 miles between us but could not quell the burning love we had for each other.

I am going to tag the few people who I think will not mind joining in.

1) Ann Brien. (2) The fortunes (3) AJJohnson (4) ghunibee (5) papercages (6) HeatherD.
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  1. Loved the list! #1: your blogs are worthy of all good reviews, #2: I like walking along the beach in the morning, too, not mentioning the cool breeze and the calming sound of the waves, #3 I also love waiting for my dad's flowering plants to bloom, especially the Hibiscus, #4: road trips are really cool, #5 oh yeah, I'm an admirer of fantastic sceneries, too #6: awww, that is so romantic!^^

    Thank you for the post.

  2. How beautiful...this post will make others stop to think about what they should be happy about; you are an inspiration to all of your viewers,followers,fans. Thank you for the "tag",it was an honor.

    Best Regards,

  3. What a wonderful list. Thank you for including me in the tag.

    You make your piece of the world come alive in some of your stories and I always enjoy reading your look back on your life. It isn't difficult at all to leave good reviews on writing like that.

    Thank you again.

  4. An excellent list. No6 is very special and very romantic.

  5. The 6 things that are making you happy sound so very sensible and romantic dear Donald, and your one and only love must be very happy to be re-united with you too :)

  6. oh, and forgot to mention that I will place the 6 things making me happy on my blog soon ;) And thanks for choosing me among the 6 :)

  7. Thanks for tagging me Donald and I have added my 6 on http://scribblesbyglynis.blogspot.com/

    I love your list!

  8. Thank you Donald! I love your list, especially #6. Gratitude keeps Love strong and focused...

    I will do my best to come up with my own list! (Have had site issues this week)