Friday, 28 August 2009

Megrahi, the rock the Scottish National Party perished on.

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Exactly one week and one day after I conveyed the disgust of the majority of the Scottish nation, a poll has been published comfirming everything I wrote.
The media is almost echoing the contents of my last post, word for word, even using the term of the "Saltire fluttering limply" compared to my words of "the National emblem we are so proud of, wilting." Hummm! Maybe I reach more folk than I first thought, but Alex Salmond is certainly not one of them as his pig headedness is still preventing him to admit, that he and the Scottish National Parties Minister of Justice got it wrong.
After listening to the results of the polls which gave the Scottish nation an overwhelming majority in favour of Megrahi dieing in jail, Alex Salmond, Scotlands first Minister still backed McCaskill's decision to release this mass murderer.
In trying to wheedle his way out of the situation he had the audacity to say that in the same poll the Scottish people said McCaskill should keep his job. Of course they did,why sack him now when they can vote him out soon, showing that way how much we despised his actions.

McCaskill has never been emotionally involved in this situation, and although deals have been denyed, we never expected them to admit to such a thing anyway,and any emotion McCaskill will show is when the praise he will get from the outgoing Prime Minister Gordon Brown, as his betrayal of the Scottish nation is heaped upon him for the sake of a few barrels of oil. The words "THIRTY PIECES OF SILVER" spring to mind.

Just as the S.N.P. were emerging from the shadows, with promising policies, they have let slip, in one fell blow, the fingertip grip they had on forming an unopposed government in Scotland.
They are just another party who gave out false hopes, then went against the wishes of the very people who put them there.

After this international affront and betrayal, they are about to slip back into the shadowy seats of politics for a very long time. The Scottish people have been let down badly, and will show this in the ever nearing elections, sending a message to all parties that they HAVE to listen to the majority, and not do as they please, no matter what deal is put before them.
As for the Saltires flying in Libya because the Libyans thought the Scottish people were civilized, well we are and would have kept Megrahi in prison until he died, it was them and McCaskill who were uncivilized betraying two nations, Scotland and America by going against their wishes.

Once again I will say, this time with proof, McCaskill, DID NOT SPEAK FOR THE SCOTTISH NATION!
The Scottish nation will speak for international justice when they vote these embarassments out of office.
Little justice in an unjust world.

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  1. Dear oh dear oh dear Mr.Swarbrick, what nonsense you spout! Mr Salmond and Mr. MacAskill are two of our leaders in our government of our country of our nation of Scotland. Their actions pertinent to the release of Megrahi was correct, noble and honourable. Well done to the government and in particular Mr. MacAskill. For yourself to suggest, purport or even think for one moment that you speak for the majority of the people of Scotland. Who did you ask? From what data bank did you think you gained this pathetic speel of imaginary rant? Our S.N.P government and cabinet know what they are about. They are indeed honourable people.

  2. Hi There Mr/Miss Anonymous:

    Maybe you forgot to read the title of Mr Swarbrick's blog. The Opinionated Pensioner. And everyone is entitled to their opinion just like yourself. But may I ask you one thing, did you have any relatives/friends in the Lockerbie Bombing? And if you did would you say that Mr MacAskill did the right thing. Do you think any of the relatives of the 270 dead think that MacAskill did the right thing.
    On a personal basis I was actually travelling down the A74 when the Atrocity happened to the 16 crew and the 243 passengers on Pan Am Flight 103 on the 21st December 1988!!! And that is a sight I will never forget, never mind what the relatives were and still are going through to this day. What a great Chrstmas Present to the husbands, wifes, kids, grandparents, nieces, nephews, uncles and aunts of the countries that were involved.
    But as I said, everyone is entitled their own opinion, eh.

    Davy Nelson

    At least leave your name!

  3. In answer to Anonymous, If you read the polls you would see that I spoke for the majority of Scotland, and the coming elections will be further proof. As for the two clowns you class as leaders, they WON'T be for much longer. I hope as you are afraid to disclose your identity you are not another idiot with any power in government if so pity help us.