Friday, 14 August 2009

Why was the Gaddafi regime not brought to justice?

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Staying on the subject of my last post, I have to wonder what kind of deal was made with Colonel Gaddafi of Libya, when we only accepted one person in the shady deal that was made, as it was obvious to the rest of the world, THEN and NOW that more than one person was involved.
More should have been done at the time to root out the perpetrators who carried out this vile attack on innocent people, and by handing over one person Gaddafi was admitting his part in the bombing, therefore more action should have been taken against HIM and his regime, instead of settling for this one feeble gesture.

It is like everything else in this world nowadays, be seen to be doing something to appease the victim's nearest and dearest, while all the time thinking of the easiest solution to the problem.
Lets not fill our jails to over capacity, lets not pursue the matter any further, lets go easy on the criminals, they will learn from their mistakes.

A laugh for the criminals, as all these solutions cause is mayhem, when time, and taxpayers money are used to listen to their appeals and gripes, as they take us to the cleaners, backed up by a stupid "law of human rights" thought up by some bunch of fools who never went far enough into the pitfalls this law would create.

The law is so much on the side of the criminals now, that all the authorities can do is, pretend to be seen carrying out justice, when all the time its just a stab at appeasing the public.

The public are no fools, and people power is coming more to the fore every day, so the idiots whose voices are being heard now will soon be shot down in flames as sanity will be restored before this sad world becomes any worse.

The world knows the Libyan regime was responsible for the Lockerbie bombing, not just one man, but as that one man was sacrificed as a feeble appeasement, the politicians who agreed to the shady deal, and the politicians of the future, should learn from these mistakes, and realise the easy way out they think they are taking only leads to bigger problems in the future.

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  1. I live just to the south of Lockerbie and wreckage from the crash was found close to my house. I worked with people who came from the town and the sheer shock in their faces was unbelievable.

    I believe that one man was used as a scapegoat to avoid an international incident and that, as you say, the Libyan regime was responsible.