Sunday, 16 August 2009

SKY network television is a RIP OFF!

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I live in an area where the only choice I have for digital TV is the rip off merchants SKY TV, and I think that before the change over comes we all should have the same choices, like boxtops sets etc.
I paid £300 for my HD SKY PLUS,box, two and a half years ago, plus a £10 monthly fee for the use of it. I have had trouble from the very start with the signal, the box being changed twice to try and rectify the problem. It has been rebooted from my home, and from SKY their self but still the problem persists. Now they want to charge me a call out fee, plus any repairs it takes as they say my contract expired after a year, and its over a year since the last replacement box. What am I paying the £10 monthly fee for if they cannot supply me with a picture?
I was told that the £10 is for the use of the recording and interactive facilities, but if I cannot get a picture, I cannot use the recorder, and as the digital change over looms, I need a converter of some sort, RIP OFF SKY being my only choice at the moment.
If my area had the facilities to accommodate a boxtop set I would have no hesitation in purchasing one, as it is a one off payment for the box, with the same recording, and other interactive features the SKY box has, with NO monthly fee. (varying prices but none dearer than SKY)
It will be interesting to see if the RIP OFF MERCHANTS SKY TV change their attitude when the whole country has the same choices.
In the meantime I have to settle for being ripped off, so its time the public, AND the government were made more aware of this, and something done about the monopoly this company has over digital TV. Other utilities like gas, electricity and phone companies have to accept competition to keep prices at a reasonable level, so why is this rip off being allowed to happen?
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  1. Is it like cable television? We have Digital Satelite Television in Namibia,... costs a small fortune for the dish and decoder, and they also monthly fees.

    Service, especially billing service and system is a nitemare. I am spending countless hours on the phone with the them explaining that I have paid them through bank transfers every month. Every month is the same, I would transfer the monthly fees, they would disconnect me, and then I would phone a thousand times to get them to connect me again and reverse the disconnection fee. It is a pain. The service sucks.

    As for the warranty that expired,... it is me right there. It always happens to me,... stuff gets broken 1-2 weeks after the warranty expired. Sucks.

  2. I stopped paying for cable and satellite years ago. I had a lot of channels, but still watched only the same 2 or 3. I only have OTA service and before the 'upgrade' had 10 channels-- now once in awhile I have 6. But I don't pay a monthly fee-- and I doubt I ever will again.

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