Thursday, 13 August 2009

Kenny McCaskill, Injustice Minister.

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It is time the courts stopped using the term "life sentence" as it no longer has any meaning in this country, because no one serves a life sentence nowadays no matter how many murders they commit, or how horrific they are.

Take the Lockerbie bomber for instance......270 lives.......A 27 YEAR LIFE SENTENCE he was handed out, that works out at 1 year for every ten victims.
Now they expect us to have some compassion because he is supposed to be dieing of cancer. SO WHAT! A life sentence WAS supposed to mean the convict died in jail, not serve so many years, then get released with the chance to commit more murders, and even if they are dieing, what gives them the right to go home to die.


If ever a job had the wrong title it is Kenny McCaskill's. JUSTICE MINISTER? WHAT JUSTICE?

Where is the justice in British courts nowadays?
Even if AL-Megrehi is only a fall guy to cover for the other people involved, he still played his part in the bombing, he knew he was to be tried for the murders, and allowed himself to become the fall guy, so he deserves to die in jail.

What it all boils down to is, that they want us to feel sorry for a mass murderer, and let the poor wee soul home to die.

Why don't we just release all the prisoners from jail and send them home. THEIR families will be missing them too, and after all its only costing the taxpayer money keeping them locked up for the little time they will be serving anyway.

The justice minister, and the European law on human rights was originally set up to help the victims, now they actually fight for the criminals rights, so I think its time for a change of title for them both.


Think on that, Kenny McCaskill, and all the other idiots that feel sorry for criminals.

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  1. Although we don't share the same government it almost sounds as if we do. You do tell it like it is Donald.

    (I love the photo you posted with this)

  2. If I ruled the world, I would bring back torture and public hangings. That is what this person deserves.

  3. send him home by all means......and remember to pack a wee bomb in his suitcase!

  4. I'm proud that Kenny MacCaskill did not lower the standards of a noble people by stooping to the base values of this horrible man, and showed mercy where none was deserved. By this act he has made the world a more civilised place. We can be a better people than this mad beast was a man

  5. MaCaskill,has now sighned his p45,he uses the word Compassion as if it means the same for every person in Scotland , MaCkaskill has showen no compassion to the victims, i put it to the people that the fact we have no death penalty in this country was compassionate enough for the fall guy,......and to let the man board a plane in scotland with no hand cuffs on was the ultimat slap in the face.

    the fabric of our society is havin the pish ripped out of it, we should meet other civilisations in the world with what values they want to be civilised by. What are we the world value police ????? get a grip people.

  6. prisoners should be charged a fee to be kept in prison,and not be able to profit from the experience,by making slopping out claims etc. After all a pensioner can lose their home by being interred in old folks home. Where is the Justice. If they had to pay to do time, they might not be so keen to do the crime.

  7. Is is not the point that the "accused" (I hesitate to use the word guilty as the evidence is very dubious) is going to die very soon so what difference does it make if he dies alone in a cell or in a hospital room in Libya.

    The action of letting this man die with his family does not mean that we condone any criminal activity that he may have done. releasing Al-Megrehi was the only act that could produce something positive from so much hurt. His release has shown those people that would wish harm on us that we are not such a hateful enemy as they perceive.

    Al-Megrehi was not released to enjoy the rest of his life, he was released because he is soon to die from Cancer. What greater punishment than death by Cancer will satisfy your need for revenge Donald?