Monday, 31 August 2009

McCaskill's political lies once again.

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As the farce rumbles on we know the "term" used for Megrahi's release was "compassionate grounds" no one is arguing that point, and no matter how many times he tries to condone his error or how many excuses McCaskill comes up with, he is fooling no one.

The opposition MPs, and MSPs can debate as long and hard as they like, and waste money on a needless enquiry, but they are fooling no one either, because what it all boils down to is the fact that they are all guilty of betraying all the victims, as the deals suited each and every one of them, and the only purpose of an enquiry is for their political gain. Why waste money on trying to degrade a party that is already on the way out? Stop trying to kid us, the British people are no fools, and more so than ever will not be taken in by the lies of politicians.
Megrahi was a pawn used by our government to consolidate deals in oil, and other commercial purposes with the Libyans, and no matter how long the rumblings of this miscarriage of justice continues, the facts are, that this mass murderer should have died in jail.

The S.N.P. disgraced Scotland by this betrayal, and if they can't be trusted to make the correct decision on such an important international matter as this, they cetainly cannot be trusted to run our country, and fully deserve to be banished to the shadows they so nearly emerged from.

The Scottish people have already let their views be known, so no matter how long this rumbles on the Scottish people will not forget when it come to voting in the looming elections.

Another sad outcome of this nonsense is that it is narrowing even more the limited choices we have of who to vote for as none of the main contenders can be trusted to take over from the useless outgoing government, and I am afraid the term "better the devil you know" is most definitely not appropriate in this case.

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  1. Totally agree. Where is the compassion for the 270 lost lives, and the relatives who are still reminded about it everytime The Injustice Minister is on TV. And wait for the domino effect thanks to loyal Minister, where the Americans and other nationalities will decide to stop visiting Scotland due to the politics, thinking we as a nation were asked about the ludricious decision to let Megrahi go back home.