Saturday, 1 August 2009

Sir Bobby Robson.

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I don't normally do obituaries but I am going to make an exception today.
I never met Sir Bobby Robson, and can only go by the way he came across on TV, but even so the personality of the man shone through.
You could feel the passion he had for the game of football, and was always humble, both in victory and defeat, taking nothing for granted,learning to accept whatever life threw at him without complaint. Even when cancer struck, he battled that also with the same courage and humility that he lived his life by.
Fitting words like, true gentleman, and legend have been mentioned in most of the obituaries written about him,and if they had never got round to knighting him, he would have commanded enough respect to be addressed as Sir by those who were lucky enough to come in contact with him.
"SIR BOBBY ROBSON" one of the few men in this modern era who REALLY deserved his knighthood.

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  1. Very respectful and thoughtful post.

  2. RIP to a good man, with a sportsman's heart.

  3. Sir Bobby, the true gentleman.