Sunday, 9 August 2009

Ann Ogg, the sex offenders friend.

Poor pay sees lawyers stop legal aid workImage by publik16 via Flickr

Once again we have the shameless lawyer Ann Ogg aiding and abetting the pervert John Bermingham, gaining legal aid to fight an interim sexual offences prevention order, banning him from buses during school travel times. He has already broken this order which should have put him right back in jail where he belongs, but no, at the taxpayers expense he has two police officers guarding him because he cannot travel alone for his own safety, while his lawyer shows no remorse when plundering funds designated for the needy and the worthy both of which Bermingham is not.

The two officers must have great restraint, having to guard this scum, (who committed two vile attacks on young girls in the same day,) without wanting to take some kind of revenge their selves.

He has been freed three years earlier than he was supposed to be, AGAINST CROWN OPPOSITION, and now he, and his accomplice Ann Ogg are using the "European law of human rights" claiming the order is against HIS human rights.

He has been dished out money to fight an order rightly placed on him to protect the innocent humans of this world, using a law earmarked to protect the innocent humans of this world, and if he is successful and strikes again (which he will, if the public don't get to him first) every one who aided him should spend time in jail.
Perhaps if this was the case Ann Ogg and her like would not be so keen to fight for scum like this, with the fear of a prison sentence hanging over them should he commit these revolting offences again. Also his abettors should be made to meet the poor victims he violated to see the ruination it has brought to their lives, maybe then we would get lawyers fighting for justice in this world, and not go chasing vermin, and live off the blood money stolen from the innocent.

If the scum that Ann Ogg is aiding and abetting attacks any member of my family, not only will Bermingham need police protection, she will too, and I am sure there are plenty more like minded people out there who feel the same way.
The general public are sick to the teeth with the lack of justice in this country, and will only take so much before there is an uprising against it, which could take many forms.
The same unrest is happening in other countries to, so beware!


  1. I agree entirely with you. The whole basis of law in this country has changed from something which protects everyone from the criminal to protecting the criminal from decent people.

  2. You are right on and the scum who defend these people in my opinion are no different in fact in some ways they are worse. This is so upsetting and yet so real as these people will never go away.

    Thanks for posting.

    Dorothy from grammology

  3. yeah Doanld, even though I am not in the UK, and the law systems suck all over the world and the EU - scum like this one should be without any type of legal defence to begin with, and there should be only 1 possible choice of the following two.
    1) a life sentence in a psichiatric type of a jail in the company only of others like him - with no parole, and no free days and until his dead. 2) dead sentence right away...

  4. Another outstanding opinion that conveys what many believe as you do. I agree that the general public throughout the world are fed up with the lack of justice in these matters and until it is recognized by everyone "wrong doing" will continue. Thank you Donald for taking time to bring us this post.

    Best Regards,