Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Mistakes, accidents, oversights.

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The lastest minister exposed of ripping us off is transport secretary Geoff Hoon who like the rest has apologised for his "mistake," his being, claiming for allowances for two homes.
Mistakes, accidents, oversights are all words that have been used by these crooks to describe their cons instead of being couragous enough to stand up and admit they were fleecing the system.
I don't think they would win many votes if, when canvassing they told the public that they could not manage their own affairs but hopefully they will be able to run the country.
WHY should we trust them to run the country now they have been found wanting, whether it be cheating the taxpayer or mismanagement of their own affairs, either way they are not fit to stand for office and the apologies and repayments will never gain the confidence of the electorate, after all they are criminals and although this country's justice system is lenient on criminals the general public are not.
Delaying the general election is not going to prevent the electorate from getting their revenge, the only way they can, and the politicians who were shouting "bring it on" are not so smart now.
Its just a pity that some of them have the brass neck to stay on and recieve the pension they do not deserve, but then again, what else should we expect from a bunch of feckless rogues.
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