Tuesday, 14 April 2009

If the judges were to visit the graves.

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Once again the British justice system has let down the family of a murder victim by giving John Wilson a minimum twelve year jail sentence. In a premeditated, frenzied attack he stabbed his ex-girlfriend Michelle Stewart ten times which according to the law in this country (or this judge) only warrants a minimum jail sentence of twelve years.
Time and time again the families of these victims are left dejected when hearing the farcical sentences given out by judges driven by the human rights brigade and the cost of keeping prisoners in jail. There is no need for these lenient sentences to be handed out as this is one time when the taxpayer would gladly pay to see justice done rather than see their money go to overpaid bankers.
It is time for judges to put the victims first and foremost in their minds when passing sentence rather than the feeble human rights brigade who if they had their way would see all criminals taken by the hand and given counseling thinking that will make these killers better people.
It has been proved that these methods do not work because when most of them are released they soon commit the same crimes they were convicted of before, and this recent scum John Wilson will be released at the age of thirty two young enough to have a life, (something he deprived Michelle of) and young enough to kill again for the same reason.
Perhaps if the judges and the human rights mob were to visit the graves along with the grieving families they would see first hand the true pain left behind by callous killers and justice could once again be served in our courts.

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