Thursday, 16 April 2009

Government officials gave in to every whim

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So the French fishermen blockade the ports in protest against the E.U. ruling of their quotas and their government firstly fines them so much for each days protest then decides to pay compensation for the loss of earning caused by some pen pusher in office who has no knowledge whatsoever of the ins and outs of any countries fish stocks or where they fish or don't fish.
These rulings have been hitting the British fishing industry for years now even though we have looked after our stocks better than any other country and stood by and watched as foreign fishing boats were allowed to plundered our fishing grounds thanks to another ignorant pen pusher in an office somewhere who most likely resides in a landlocked country and has no national interest in the job he has been designated to preside over.
The British government however chose to ignore the thousands of workers on land and sea involved in the fishing industry here, and rather than help them survive played a part in it's rapid demise by bribing owners to scrap their boats instead of assisting them.
From a once strong fishing nation our fleet has been cut to the minimum as our government officials gave in to every whim that the E.U. came up with and now with them allowing our fleet to be weakened, the foreign boats (who have cleaned up their own fishing grounds by landing everything they caught regardless of size) will come in and take their place especially when they have their own governments backing them.
The French fishermen have proved once and for all how our government have let us down by being the only country to abide by E.U.rulings as no other country has let one of their biggest industries collapse at the whims of these ignorant pen pushers who have nothing better to do than see what they can destroy next or what stupid law they can bring out.
The other countries in this union look after their selves first regardless, of the agenda ridiculing its very existence while making fools of the British representatives.
It's long past time to get out of this excuse for a union and look after ourselves again of which we are very capable of given the right people in charge!

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