Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Legal aid awarded to sex beasts.

Poor pay sees lawyers stop legal aid workImage by publik16 via Flickr

The arrogant sex beasts Dean Stewart and Adam Carruthers are conspiring to try and get their police pension rights back and as Carruthers has already managed to spend £100,000 of tax payers money from legal aid on his first appeal which left him with 35 percent of his pension, we have to ask the question; why is he being allowed to appeal again? Both of these men should have had all of their pensions taken away from them with NO appeals considered especially at the cost of the tax payers who fork out the money towards legal aid and despise the fact that their money is being abused in this way. Carruthers has already been awarded more than he is entitled to so any other moves by him should be paid by him and the money he has already conned the tax payer out of should be paid back. As for Dean Stewart, the lesson should have been learned from Carruthers case and the protests by the public taken into consideration to ignore any claims by people like them. The Lockerbie bomber is another example of our system allowing too many appeals and although ill he is the fall guy for the murder of all the victims, life should mean life. What sympathy did all the conspirators in this deed have for their victims, so why should any compassion be shown towards him or them?
I have said this before and owing to the stupidity of our courts I will have to say it again, again, WHY ARE SCUM LIKE THIS TAKEN BY THE HAND IN THIS COUNTRY AND THE VICTIMS PUNISHED?
Stupid needless appeals like these of which there are hundreds clog up our courts and drain the money needed for legitimate cases and the lawyers who entertain these scum should hang their heads in shame.
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