Monday, 13 April 2009

The place was busy it being Easter.

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It was a beautiful sunny Easter Sunday so we made the most of it and went for a tour down the Ayrshire coast, stopping at Dunure for a while before dropping in for lunch at a place just outside Girvan. The name did not register in my brain but it was something like Dowhill farm, anyway its just as well I forgot the name as this is the subject of my moan today.
The place was busy it being Easter and the weather being so nice as I mentioned but this was no excuse for my partner's lunch coming fifteen minutes later tham mine especially as I had already waited for forty minutes and hers being only a toasted sandwich. I should have known better being an ex-fisherman but I ordered scampi and chips with a side salad as I thought in this day and age that the pre-frozen balls of breadcrumbs with a small piece of fish (not prawn as it should be) inside had been made illegal under the trades description act. Not so in this establishment when my plate finally arrived I thought I was back in the nineteen seventies with these excuses for scampi put before me with a few bits of lettuce and the obligotary piece of lemon to squeeze over my breadcrumbs, possibly to trick my brain into thinking that it was prawns which no matter how much lemon there was would never succeed.
We of course were brought back to the twenty first century when the bill came and with a grin the girl at the checkout asked if everythink was O.K. NO was my obvious reply and as I mentioned that my partners meal came fifteen minutes after mine they decided compensation would be suffice if they knocked of the drinks bill, before I even got to mention the illegal scampi.
As the only drinks we had was a bottle of diet iron brew and a soda water and lime I thought ah, whats the use in complaining any more and paid what remained of the bill.
The wait for the meal although busy was a bit extreme, and although I could have put up with that, the meal and chefs service was appalling (not the waitresses they were fine) so needless to say we will never be back there again but it will mean little to that place as they will continue to get passing trade on the scenic Ayrshire coast. Its just a pity they could not be warned beforehand to carry on to Girvan where they could savour a good fish supper for half the price and twice the fun.

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  1. Oh dear, I thought we in Britain had long since stopped being served 1970s trash (as you so aptly put it). And as you say it's a pity that places can continue to draw people in simply because of their location and people's fear that they won't get a meal unless they take the first opportunity possible. We should be voting with our feet and remembering what pleasures there can be in a packed lunch!