Tuesday, 7 April 2009

It all begins at home.

It was mentioned in the news last night that more and more teachers are being punched and bullied every day by pupils so is it any wonder that so many want to leave the once safe occupation.
This is another throwback to the stupid E.U.ruling on human rights that prevented teachers from carrying out any useful punishments at all allowing the pupils to do whatever they please without fear of retribution and taking away any respect the teachers once had.
Not all youngsters are guilty but it only takes a few to encourage others to follow suit causing disruption and mayhem for the ones willing to learn.
It all begins at home where even the parents are afraid to chastise their children for fear of reprisals from a rule that is only going to create more problems in the future unless someone sees sense and alters it in a way that discipline and law and order can once again be restored into our society. As long as this rule is allowed to stand only criminals of today will benefit and it will only create a more volatile society in the future with the lawless taking over given the free hand that has been gifted to them by well meaning but disillusioned bureaucrats.
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