Friday, 3 April 2009

My life might depend on their abilities

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I suppose its a matter of taste but I have no time or desire to watch egotistical people getting paid to indulge in their own importance. Alan Sugar in the apprentice is a millionaire so money does not come into his reasoning to appear in this program, nor does it have any bearing on who he hires as he can hire and fire at will without the T.V. cameras there to record it. The only reasoning behind it is to gain more self importance and to boost his over stretched ego further.
Other programs like hells kitchen or any other cooking program that sets out to demean the trainee chefs or the so called celebrities that appear in them for whatever reason are just as bad as they too are only a means to boost over inflated egos.
To be renown for swearing instead of the job you are supposed to be doing I.E. cooking takes away any respect the viewer or the trainee has for the teacher and anything said in anger be it put on for the cameras or not will never penetrate the brain as all that goes through the head of the recipient is how stupid the big mouth in front of them must appear to the viewer.
Being in a position to train people I found that explaining the reason for doing the task I was asking them to do in a civilized manner while giving some encouragement created better results and gained me the respect from everyone that I passed my capabilities on to.
Lives were at stake had I tried to instill with fear the importance of each task as carrying out the smallest of jobs at the sea could mean a matter of life or death.
O.K. the tasks in a kitchen or in an office may not be life threatening but the general idea of trying to teach a person in the quickest and most efficient way is to gain their respect by teaching them in a way that what you are saying to them sticks in their brain and not the image of some over excited fool shouting and swearing some jumbled up words to boost his ego.
I am proud to say that from deckhand to skipper plenty men and boys were trained by me and everyone of them still respects me simply because they knew they could trust me and rely on me through thick and thin, in all weathers as I could in them. I knew when I was training them that someday MY life might depend on their abilities so therefore the better they became the safer I became.
That sort of camaraderie obviously does not exist in some walks of life as the consequences might not be so serious but a little respect goes a long way and a lot farther than an over inflated ego.

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  1. I couldn't agree with you more. (Great video.)