Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Life for any murder should mean life.

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The atrocity of the Lockerbie bombing will never fade from the memories of the families of the victims or anyone involved in the recovery of the debris and the bodies so badly mutilated by this despicable act.
Ali Mohammed Al-Megrahi the man convicted of this deed certainly has no intention of ever letting them forget or have any compassion for THEM with his constant battle to gain his release from prison. Ever since his conviction he has constantly been in the news by pleading his innocence or through his health etc. Why is this allowed to continue when at the time, he was handed over by Gaddafi as one of the assassins and enough evidence was produced to find him guilty? Nothing has changed and after two appeals, nothing has come to light to warrant any more time or money being wasted on him. If the victims, who suffered and whose lives were prematurely cut short could speak for themselves I am sure THEY would have no compassion for him and would want him to rot and die in prison. One of the victims mother on being interviewed, said she does not want him to be released under any circumstances and even if she was the only relative to think that way from the 270 victims, her wishes should be granted.
Life for any murder should mean life and the slaughter of so many in this case should have meant locking up this evil killer and shutting him away from the rest of the world with no sympathy or compassion shown, allowing the greaving relitives to feel at least SOME justice had been achieved.
Have they not suffered enough without greedy lawyers renewing their pain each time another appeal is launched? Let Megrahi die in prison and don't even think about another appeal if this one fails, he is getting what he deserves, just ask the general public, and let the relatives relax in the knowledge that he will never be released under any circumstance.

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