Thursday, 9 April 2009

Some people live behind security gates already.

Women's Prison in HeidelbergImage by Rainer Ebert via Flickr

I am going to make this short and sweet. Europe wants to give all prisoners a vote.
Why don't we just let them all out now? Think of the millions that would be saved by not having to feed them, not paying wages to guards and we could use the prison buildings for hotels as that is what they practically are anyway. Or perhaps we could use them TO KEEP US SAFE WHEN THESE NUTTERS ARE LET OUT! Let the minority of the idiots that think these scum should be taken by the hand instead of being punished wander the streets at night when they are allowed to roam free and see how long the world would survive in their disillusioned idea of life.
It is coming to be that these idiots who are always ranting on about human rights for prisoners are going to succeed in creating a situation where the only need for prisons will be for the honest people of the world to seek refuge behind bars and security walls with C.C.T.V. cameras.
Some places in the world already have decent citizens living behind security gates in their normal houses so think on all you do-gooders because that is the future YOU are bound for if you continue on your stupid quest.
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