Wednesday, 1 April 2009

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Ant and Dec are taking a 20% pay cut but considering they already have a £30 million pound deal their pay cut means nothing. Other actors and presenters have to take cuts too owing to I.T.Vs loss of £2.7 billion last year. These people profess that they get so much fun and pleasure out of entertaining us that the money means nothing so if I.T.V. and the like are so hard up why don't they take a more realistic cut in pay, then we might believe them. The wages I.T.V. and other stations pay their staff has always been ridiculous in comparison to the average working man so we have to ask; why does having your face on T.V. doing a job you love warrant these large sums, when most working men are doing a hard job they rather wouldn't, and jobs that are more important to the survival of the country for wages that are very much less than the near worthless celebrities? If the T. V companies want to prosper then pay sensible wages and if the entertainers are telling the truth they will do their job for the pleasure rather than the money, "Hummmmm" and stay faithful to their particular company. As it is with the commercial stations the adverts take up most of the viewing time now with less and less time given to the actual programs and by the time the ads are over we have forgotten what we were watching in the first place.
It is great to see the G.P. back on the B.B.C. where we can keep the atmosphere going throughout the race without loosing two laps at a time when the ads were on, amounting to about ten laps lost, or a fifth of the race through adverts.
And the reason Madonna is in the picture? Well she certainly entertains me. Ha.Ha.
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