Sunday, 19 April 2009

EU rules exploited again.

Once again I have to bring up the subject of criminals gaining from the ridiculous human rights laws.
A headline in The Scottish Daily Record states SCOTLAND FACES HUMAN RIGHTS TIMEBOMB. Thousands of CRIMINALS could fight for their FREEDOM after human rights experts branded confessions extracted by Scottish police ilegal.
Scotland is one of just a few EU countries where suspects cannot demand legal advice when they are being grilled by police. Lawyers are beginning to lodge bids to have evidence from interviews thrown out. This ridiculous move can go back as far as the year 2000, costing the country a fortune on appeals and clogging up the courts not to mention the compensation these rightly convicted criminals could claim for. Worse still, some of these freed could be dangerous criminals and public lives could be at risk but what steps are being taken to stop this? NONE!
Is it not time something was done to plug the gaping loopholes in this very dangerous law that has only created the opposite results it was originally designed for? How many more times will I have to write about this system being abused by criminal lawyers who would be better putting their legal minds to good use by GETTING THIS LAW ALTERED!
The exploitation of these rulings has gone too far and its time the government woke up to this fact and do something about it before they are made bigger fools of than they already are.
The laws were easily made so there is nothing to stop them being revised quickly to prevent this exploitation, before our streets and economy ends up in a more disastrous state than they already are.

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