Saturday, 24 January 2009

bank bonuses

I was disgusted at the recent revelations that the staff at Northern Rock are to receive bonuses ranging from ten percent to twenty percent upwards depending on how high up the rankings they are. As far as I am led to believe the bonuses are for restoring the banks finances to a solvent working level or in other words, PULL THEM OUT OF THE MIRE THEY LANDED US ALL IN by retrieving monies from the most vulnerable of the people they gave to so readily in the first place. Their bonus as far as I am concerned is the fact that they KEPT their jobs in the first place and should think themselves lucky that they are getting the chance to make amends. It was throwing money away willy-nilly that got us in this mess to begin with and as bonuses are for successful results the bankers (I think that's the spelling I mean)are the last people who should be receiving bonuses. If anything some of the money the fat cats have bled out of the system by over inflated bonuses of the past should be returned into the system to help recovery and any thought of new bonuses should be forgotten about until they can prove they are worthy of such a thing, also the disgusting amounts should be adjusted to realistic sums and if they do not like it let them seek a new position elsewhere. NO ONE IS INDISPENSABLE! and more so in these times of rising unemployment.
It is our money they are giving away and the government had no right to agree to this ridiculous settlement in the first place. Another shambolic decision by them.

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