Monday, 26 January 2009


The whole idea of work pensions is to give you a little bit extra to survive on during your retirement years but unless you have a substantial pension like a government minister or some other job with an over inflated rate the benefits are nullified by the crippling taxes of this country added to by the absence of other advantages that are disallowed because our meagre pension takes us just over the qualifying level to warrant these benefits we contributed to all our working life.The works pension that was supposed to benefit us in our old age becomes more of a hindrance at times rather than serve the purpose it was meant to.
Britain has the poorest old age pensions in the developed world and most of our pensioners struggle to survive each week but their plight is only mentioned by politicians when an election is drawing near then, the promises made are put on the back burner again. We paid tax on the money before it went into the pension fund, we pay tax on the money we get out of the pension fund and to top it all Gordon Brown robbed the pension funds by taxing them on interest gathered putting them all in jeopardy of going broke. If the pension funds had been left the way they were before Gordon Brown plundered them the credit crunch and fall in the index would not have had such a devastating effect on them and the restructuring of them would not have been needed. People seem to have forgotten that the pension funds were going along quite nicely until Brown decimated them and its only since then that they are all in dire straights. By the time they retire THEY have already feathered their nests by one devious scheme after the other (with our contributions) and on top of that they still receive a ridiculous pension so they have no need to worry, and do not really care about the poverty of our struggling pensioners, THAT is plain to see when we come out the poorest pensioners in the developed world.

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