Saturday, 17 January 2009

Human rights?

I have already mentioned this subject before but after reading my newspaper this morning I feel it is worth another mention. When people commit INHUMAN deeds why should they have the cheek to fall back on a law that they have no right to, after all it is called human rights and people who commit brutal needless cold blooded murders more than once and are classed as a psychopath with probably no hope of being cured are anything but human.
It only goes to show how STUPID the E.U. laws are becoming when people like this are freed to kill again, AND kill again they will. How many times has this happened before when a killer or rapist has been set free by some do-good moron only to strike again after having succeeded in conning the gullible IDIOTS who are put in the responsible position of protecting British subjects through SUPPOSED justice only to return crime to our streets. When these scum are released and kill or rape again the IDIOTS that are responsible for their release should be locked up along with the criminals they let loose among us and given the same sentence, because the agony the victims families are going through is their fault and they might as well have killed or raped the victims their selves. I would not like it on my conscience To hear that someone had been murdered or raped because I let the scum out to re offend, but these IDIOTS have no conscience or brains and should not be in the position to let this happen in the first place.If they had to face the consequences they would not be STUPID enough to let this happen but sadly until we rid our officialdom of these morons this will continue and the deaths of innocent people will occur not only at the hands of murderers but at the hands of the totally useless fools in office who aid and abet them.

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