Wednesday, 14 January 2009

The law is an ass

I was going to have another gripe at the T.V. companies today but after listening to the ridiculous statement of the judge who let a blatant criminal free because the victim was too honest and believable to address the jury in case it swayed their judgment, I have decided to address that subject. I am now going to give my views on that and other idiotic things connected to the ludicrous laws and judgments of this country and the E.U. Firstly the judge in question should be disbarred (or whatever term is used when a judge is SACKED) with immediate effect as there is nothing in the law books that remotely gives rise to such a decision. Secondly when someone in his position is obviously on the side of the offender he is no longer doing the job he is getting paid for by the crown, or in other words us, the tax payer and when someone is so useless at their job sacking is the best policy. There is no saying what damage a fool like this could do if he was allowed to continue making idiotic decisions like this. Criminals of all descriptions would be walking the streets because it was too easy to find them guilty. (Is that not why they appear in court in the first place)?
It is bad enough in this country when law breakers are thought more of than the victims and are given more consideration than poor pensioner who was mugged or the women who get raped, or the families who have lost a loved one by some murderous scum. The police go to all the trouble catching these criminals,spend hours putting a case together so they have a solid case for conviction and most of the so called judges give the most lenient sentence available letting the criminals laugh at the idiotic do-gooders who are in the minority but are paid more attention to than the majority.
When you commit a crime you should be prepared to accept the punishment and know full well that it is punishment you are going to get ,NOT being put up in a tax payers hotel and allowed to dictate your future. Criminals should forfeit their human rights when they commit crimes against the human race that are minding their own business and trying to lead a peaceful and unhassled life. What kind of signal does it put out to the criminal minded when they can sue the prison service for having to slop out. They knew before they committed their crime that, that was part of their punishment,and STILL should be along with less comforts and serving a full sentence instead of being put away for a short holiday with more comforts than some of them have in their own homes. Idiotic judges should be brought to boot when they make a mess of their work and the do-gooders who think evil criminals should be treated with kid gloves would think differently if THEY, their mother or a close member of their family was raped, murdered defiled or experienced at close quarters some of these horrific crimes. The softly softly approach does NOT work so it is time these people were taken out of society and make our streets a safe place to walk again.

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