Friday, 23 January 2009

improper use of fog lights.

It seems to be a trend nowadays to use front fog lights for decoration and not for the one and only purpose they were installed for, FOG!!!! Women who, I usually have great respect for their driving seem to be the worst offenders with the young boy racers a close second.
Obviously having seen how these cars look on approach the young boy racers must have found this attractive and copied the woman. More and more people seem to be taking up the practice as, after all we are a breed of copycats. With some new makes of cars the fog lamps are almost as bright as full headlights and dazzle oncoming drivers, hence the reason that it is ILLEGAL to use them other than in thick fog when other drivers are not affected by them. The police force could fill up their coffers if they were to clamp down on these offenders as all they would need to do would be to stand at the end of any stretch of road and stop the numerous cars that break this law. As for the offenders, do not expect oncoming traffic to dip their lights for you when you have no consideration for them. With the police making less money from speeding the fog light offenders had better beware!

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