Thursday, 15 January 2009

repeats within repeats

I am going back to T.V. for today's moan and it is about the repeats within repeats on the box.
spring to mind (There are more but these three are enough to be going on with). At the beginning of some programs they show you what is to come during the broadcast, and the type of shows and content that they consist of means that it really spoils the rest of the show. In the COME DINE WITH ME program you have a preview at the beginning then as the adverts approach we get a preview of the second half THEN after the dreaded adverts we get told what happened in the first half and by the time the program has finished we have had about ten minutes of unpreviewed viewing. Worse still is if you happen to watch a repeat of the program that consists of five episodes one after the other. Then you get a preview of the content of the first program continuing with whats to come in the second half then it ends with what is to happen in the next program and when that comes on five minuets after the adverts we firstly get told what happened last time then what is going to happen this time till finally with a short clip of new footage we get the whats to come in part two. This repertoire is continued throughout the five programs and leaves the viewer bored to tears. The whole five half hour episodes could be broadcast in a one hour program and be far more interesting for the viewer. This is cheap broadcasting with no thought for the viewer, but continual occurrences will only lead to less viewers or them recording and fast forwarding the parts that are constantly repeated. More often than not it distracts us so we turn over or scan the channels and come up with something that will hold our attention. We pay our license fee and put up with the ever expanding advert time so we deserve better than this.

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