Tuesday, 20 January 2009


Mr Mugabe must be very proud of himself now he has rid his country of the people that helped it to prosper in the first place and without whose help would never have become the country is was. He has been very successful in taking his country back to the days of deprivation and poverty that it was before the Europeans taught them how to cultivate the meagre assets they had. Now if anything it is worse than it has ever been with disease and famine ravaging the land with no end in sight as long as that insane tyrant is allowed to administer this suffering on a once proud nation. He has got all the notoriety he has wished for but sadly the tribute he is expecting after his death or downfall will not be forthcoming, he will now always be known as the fool who ruined Zimbabwe, he also has succeeded by his idiotic deeds in magnifying, the benefit the white settlers (or the people of Great Britain, he readily decries) made to Zimbabwe. All he is interested in now is enough wealth to live out his life and the only way he can do that is by stubbornly refusing to leave office. Surely the thugs that support him should see by now that they have nothing to protect only a barren ravaged country with nobody at the helm to guide it back to the stability it once knew. It is time that the other African leaders booted him out as by doing nothing they are as guilty as Mugabe for the deaths and destruction that are occurring there. THIS IS NO TIME FOR REASONING WITH THIS LUNATIC and there is no earthly reason not to boot him out especially making the rants of this fool an excuse to leave him in power. Wake up world leaders it should be on all of your consciences when you know you CAN do something about this and DO NOT! Are you going to stand by and watch these people suffer more? Would you stand by an watch these atrocities in other countries?
You were quick enough to jump in when Gaza was attacked to prevent the killing of innocent people so why after all these years is this STILL being allowed to happen in Zimbabwe.
Yes we have other world problems but this has been going on long before our economy collapsed and when you think of steps we have taken to try and secure our future, I ask again WHY are you ignoring the plight of the people of Zimbabwe?
If you cannot get to Mugabe by the feeble excuses given, you could use physiological tactics to rid this fool by letting him see what he has achieved and just what will be written about him in the history books. (The madman who ruined Zimbabwe, that will be his legacy).

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