Thursday, 22 January 2009

politicians perks

While on the subject of politics we might as we mention the M.Ps. expenses and other ways they con money out of the public that they are supposed to be representing.
When they buy a house in London with money taken from the tax payer they should furnish it with their own money and not be allowed to fleece us for goods THEY class as unnecessary when it comes to handing out cash. Things like new kitchens and T.Vs.
even wallpaper and the like are for their, benefit for a house they are supposed to only need for the spells that they are in London. If they are doing their job properly by the time they get home they should be ready for bed and have no need for lavish surroundings and just make do with the bare essentials, after all it is only supposed to be temporary accommodation. Once they have no need for the house and it is sold, any money borrowed from the tax payer and any profit made from the sale should be returned to the fund it was taken from. There is absolutely no way these scheming tricksters should profit in any way by using our money to fund these ventures. Just what do they spend their wages on if we pay for their meals and every other scam they can think of. They get an undeserved LARGE pension as it is so there is no need for them to be feathering their nests any further at our expense.
It is our money they are working with so we are entitled to know every detail of its use and they have NO right to deny us OUR rights!

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