Sunday, 25 January 2009

racism and political correctness.

Racism and political correctness are very delicate subjects and although I have never classed myself as a racist I do think that the interpretation of these matters has now gone to the extreme.
I do sympathise with the people who are maliciously abused by the mindless idiots who do not know how to live and let live, however not everyone uses nicknames to be offensive. Years ago, during the wars for instance, Scotsmen were fondly referred to as Jocks, the Welsh as Taffs and the Irish as paddies, While the English had a few nicknames (limey, Brit,sassenach,to mention some) depending on the nationality of the person addressing them but no offence was taken because during the wars they were fighting together NOT against each other and even the mindless yobs of these days realised they had to depend on each other for survival.
Shortened names like Paki, Yank and Chinks were originally used in a friendly way and also a lazy way to address people of these nations they did not know by name but once they became more familiar they would have used their real names which also through laziness could have been shortened. It was only when the mindless yobs who put every nation to shame started putting bastard in front of them that they became offensive.
As for some of the stupid things that happen through the year like, schools not having nativity plays at Christmas as not to offend other religions is ludicrous.
THIS IS A CHRISTIAN COUNTRY and people of these other religions new that when they came here as do their offspring who now being citizens of this country understand this. It is the media who blow everything out of proportion to try and sell newspapers who stir up the troubles as most of people in question also think it is a load of rubbish and want to live and let live. When the media stirs things up there is always the minority who jump on the bandwagon and enjoy the trouble they can cause, giving them an excuse to vent their anger at something which escalates into needless violence aimed at anything and anyone. They are just trouble makers and every country and religion has them.
When we go to other countries we are expected to abide by their rules and regulations and they do not alter their customs to suit us so why does the E.U. think that we have to adjust our customs to suit other nationalities.
These are just a few of the examples of the nonsense in the world today, there are many more as you all know and the majority do not want trouble but, as always the minority are catered for and the decent people of this world suffer.

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  1. You're obviously referring to the recent Prince Harry "Paki" reference and what the media made of it. Isn't it interesting that a Pakistani may refer to his fellow countryman (wherever he lives) as a Paki but is offended when others do it. Same in USA with African-Americans referring to fellows as "Niggers"... the examples will cover all the nations in the world. Heck, like it or not, you're going to get called by what you are. If you're ashamed for what you are... well, no hope for you, then.