Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Ladies in my view have manners.

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I happened to catch the British TV program Ladette to lady, last night and after watching for just a few minutes, I came to the conclusion that these were no ladies who were trying to drum into the ladettes their posh way of life.
What they don't seem to realise is that being rich and posh does not make them ladies, especially the ones who marry into the aristocracy with their sole aim being, to live a life of luxury without doing too much for it.
The so called "ladies" who turned up at the school were anything but my idea of ladies, with one of them, aged about fifty having her skirt up to her hips as she sat down and the others looking down their noses at the poor girls they were supposed to be showing the example to.
None of these actions are lady like, only ignorant gestures by gold-diggers who think that being wealthy makes them better people. They are the gentry who come from a country life that keeps to its own circles, with hunting and other blood sports to keep them amused, which is anything but lady and gentleman like, puting up a front when they are forced to mingle with the ordinary people, to hide the disgusting reality of their lives.
The teachers fall into the same category as they strut about, pompous, head aloof as they try and degrade the pupils at every cut and turn, not allowing them to speak especially, when they have a valid point.
It was the teachers who looked ridiculous as they shouted down the girls for stupid things that have nothing to do with being a lady, or survival in the real world.
They are all sadly disillusioned if they think that behaving like that is the qualities ladies are made of, but on the other hand, in the make-believe world that they live in, and the way they degrade theirselves to land a rich husband, (in most cases) then it is little wonder that they strive to become something they are not, for the rest of their lives, and have to put up with an excuse for a man as a husband,who could not survive in our world if you took away their inherited fortunes.
Ladies, in my view have manners, which that lot did not, including the teachers, nor did they have any of the other qualities that make a proper lady, so any of the ladettes who leave there thinking that they have met, and been trained by ladies have been badly misled.
In my opinion it is the so called ladies that need the lessons on how to live and survive in the real world, then THEY might have some respect for the true ladies and gents in this world, and realise that because they have money and talk in a posh accent doesn't make them any better than the rest of us.
The ladettes were better individual people when they began the posh school, and are very much worse off, if they take any heed of the nonsense that was rammed down their throats in this stupid TV program.
AH well thats the standard of TV programs now, trying to grab our attention by degrading and exposing people, and this is no exception with everyone concerned being degraded and the so called ladies being seen for who they really are. A complete waste of space.
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  1. I wouldn't call myself a lady by ANY means as I like to curse with the best of them...but I do agree that ladies are not simply women who have married "up" in status.

    We have these "high society" women here (Watch Real Housewives of Orange County/New York etc to get a glimpse) who for the most part are women who got lucky and married some wealthy guy. Some of them can be defined in a newfangled definition of "lady" though. I like to take a more modern approach and view the women I admire as my standard of a lady. A lady is one who carries herself well and acts with total maturity and humility. She strives to succeed on her own terms and is always active in attempting to achieve her goals. She does not have to be pure (i.e. virgin until married) as I feel that is a dated ideal, but must respect her body and mind and choose her relationships accordingly. She cares for and helps those around her...even those she does not know. She is a strong mother, sister, friend, wife, lover and is always there for those that need her the most.

    Its not all about getting money and laying on your butt these days! Get out there and do some good ladies!

  2. Ladies are women who love life and family from the inside out sometimes they make mistakes or use bad judgement however they are on a journey living life and sharing their experience hoping to make our children strong and able to live a good valued life as well and hoping their mistakes help the younger generation wiser then them.

    The rest is just theater and entertainment.
    Dorothy from grammology

  3. Ladies have self-respect and class. They do not choose momentary values over real love and life.
    Once a person puts the value of power and money at the head of their priority then becomes a business venture..they are no longer respecting themselves nor the people. They have become self-serving and untrustworthy.
    Excellent post Donald!