Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Evil dictators do not abide by anyone elses rules.

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More money to be wasted on yet another enquiry into the Gulf war, held in private, with the results made public over a year after the enquiry begins.
The enquiry is to cover the period between 2001- 2009, an eight year period, at what cost to the taxpayer and to what end?
The second Gulf war could have been avoided if Saddam Hussein had abided by the peace treaty he signed after the first Gulf war instead of breaking them and inviting another war he knew he could not win. He led the rest of the world into believing he HAD weapons of mass destruction, whether it was to frighten the big powers off or in the hope that one day he would have nuclear weapons to add to the chemical weapons he had already used.
He should have been finished off during the first war, and that action would have saved many lives on both sides, but as it was he was given a second chance to retreat to his own country, and lick his wounds, where he was supposed to leave the rest of the world in peace.
Evil dictators are too arrogant to abide by anyone elses rules so it was inevitable when he taunted America and Britain into another war by denying access to search for the weapons he pretended to have, to make the world think he was as powerful as he strived to be.
Permission to invade Iraq did not need to be asked as all the agreements of the treaty were broken, and under the rules of war, Saddam was given plenty warning to co-operate, before the invasion took place. How many chances did the rest of the world want to give him? How long were they going to let him make a mockery of the treaty he signed, and how many more murders were they going to let him commit before they took action?
There are no rights and wrongs when such an evil dictator has to be deposed, so taking these facts into consideration, the war WAS legal and above board.
All the hype of an illegal war was stirred up by the media, who did not approve of George Bush as a President (maybe rightly so) or his relationship with Tony Blair, which turned the people of Britain into believing, what they were printing was the truth, while ignoring the illegal moves by Saddam that they SHOULD have been concentrating on, like the ones mentioned in this post.
I do have sympathy for the families who lost relatives in these wars, but lives are lost in the armed forces during wars and it was the choice of these soldiers to join up and fight for our freedom and for the rights of others in the world so we all have to accept that fact while appreciating what they are achieving for us.
As long as human nature stays as aggressive as it is, not even having respect for our own countrymen, or next-door neighbours for that matter, there will always be wars and unrest in the world, where our fighting forces will be needed, and if you are not prepared to die for these causes, do not join up. Cruel words maybe, but they cannot be denied.
It did not take me over a year to come to these conclusions, nor did it cost the taxpayer millions of pounds, and the conclusions the next inquiry comes up with will be no different from the last, or from mine, only the cost, which increases every time, proving nothing and preventing nothing.
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